Blacking your boat is an essential part of your boat maintenance. There are many different types of black. We have used Bitumen (Intertuff 16), 2 Pac Epoxy (Jotun Jotamastic 90),Comastic  depending on our customers requirements. 


How long does it take?

We have a covered dry dock (see the video of flooding up) where we do blackings. There's room for either one widebeam or up two average sized narrowboats. The boats are in dock for a week because we follow the manufacturers guidelines and allow the coatings to fully dry before putting the boats back into the water.

Schedule for blacking

Monday – 8:30am finished boats go out and the next boats come into the dock.

The dock is drained then the boat(s) are scraped, weed hatch covers

are removed then the boat is pressure washed and allowed to dry.

Tuesday –Thursday any needle gunning, welding or minor repairs to the hull are

carried out. 2 coats of black are applied.

Friday – Sunday the paint is allowed to dry.

Monday – Boats are collected or moored opposite the boat yard on the pilings.

What's included in a blacking estimate?

1 x docking fee

1 x pressure wash

2 x coats of bitumen (Intertuff 16), comastic or epoxy up to the top rubbing strake

1 x clean & re-paint weed hatch

Added extras

Black beyond the top rubbing strake add 25% of price estimated for 2 coats

Bow thruster clean tube & re-paint + £30

Weed hatch de-rust, re-tape + £35

Re-paint tunnel flashes (red and white at the stern) £60 to £180

Re-pack Stern gland + £40

Any treatment to remove rust along the water line i.e. needle gunning or scabbling. This is charged at an hourly rate.



Although every effort is made to keep the topside clean there may be the odd flake of blacking deposited from pressure washing which will melt in hot weather and stick. Please wash your boat down a.s.a.p. after blacking to prevent this from becoming a problem to remove.