Docking Routine

Generally Monday is changeover day on a weekly basis. However re-paints can take up to 4 weeks as can re-bottoming (including hull sides etc).

Schedule for blacking 

(Schedule for re-paints & re-bottoming will be added shortly)

Handover and keys

We need the boat to be at the Yard for Monday 9am (for the reasons above).

If you wish to leave your boat on the pilings on the tow path side opposite the Boat Yard there is usually space to do so and we will come and collect your boat as necessary.

You can leave keys with us any day of the week except Sunday ( the yard is closed) when you may put keys into our post box which can be found over bridge No.60 on the right side of the lane near the house, on the corner to the right of the turning for the Boat Yard.

Out of Dock

Clients whose scheduled work on their boats does not require being in the dock (we will advise as necessary) can moor their boats on the boatyard berths in the marina which are the first 3 places to the right as you come in. If you would prefer us to do the manoeuvres in the marina the same instructions as above apply.

Residential Boat Owners

Please take anything you may need (until your boat is finished at the yard) with you as for insurance reasons we cannot allow clients to live on board their boats whilst they are at the boatyard either in or out of the dock.

Please note a deposit of £300 is payable to secure your booking (blacking only, re-paints etc. are 10% of the estimate) In case of cancellation £300 will be returned to you only if we are able to fill the slot left by the cancellation. Final payment due on completion. Thank You.

We do not currently offer D.I.Y. facilities